Friday, September 26, 2008

Are the workshops effective?

Bangalore CAN Prevent initiative by SAP Global Delivert and Enfold Trust has been working to prevent child sexual abuse since Feb 2008. We aim to empower children to resist and report abuse - especially sexual abuse. This involves 4-5 interactive sessions with students - beginning with students as young as 5-6 yrs. This is done without making the child fearful of all adults or intoerant of any form of touch. So far we have reached over 7000 students.
Is the program effective? I would say yes - because at the end of the sessions many students come forward and report that they are experiencing abuse and what they should do about it. With a little support from us, the children have been able to report the abuse, ensuring their safety.
I invite you to come and attend a workshop in progress. If you feel interested, and are motivated to prevent child abuse, let us know.

Little Angels.... A Workshop is progress

The People with a mission....

Enfold is a fruit of the efforts of  Dr Sangeeta, Dr Shaibya and Ms Meena. To know more about them please visit the enfold website . The link is :

Join Us.. Be a Volunteer

Enfold offers various Training programs for you to become a part of this movement. One such course is "Certificate Course In Life Skills, Sexuality, Personal Safety " .  The objective of the course is to :
  • To provide you with in-depth knowledge in life skills, sexuality and personal safety
  • To train you in conducting sessions for children and adults in life skills, sexuality and personal safety
To know more about the course please visit the website of Enfold Proactive Health Trust. 

Bangalore CAN prevent Initiative

SAP Global Delivery and Enfold has joined hands in speading awareness and empowering children against the menace of Child Sexual Abuse. The partnership started in the month of Feb 2008 has grown strength to strength. Till date the program has reached across children of age group 5-21 years, across various prestegious organisations/Schools/Colleges in Bangalore. Enfold volunteers conduct informative sessions, where the content is tailored to the age group being addressed.


Enfold Proactive Health Trust is a registered trust in Bangalore, India since December 2002. In the U.S.A, Enfold Health is a registered non-profit organization. 

Enfold was founded in November 2001 by Dr.Sangeetha Saksena and Dr.Shaibya Saldanha. As Gynecologists, they were dismayed at the occurence of preventable health problems in progressively young age groups. Seeing more sense in preventive and promotive health care, they started sessions on Human Sexuality and Life Skills.