Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Project: Child Friendly Police Stations in Bangalore; Teachers' awareness campaign

Project: Child Friendly Police Stations in Bangalore; Teachers' awareness campaign


My colleagues at Enfold and I are reaching out to all our friends, family, colleagues and associates who are aware of the work that Enfold does for empowerment and safety of children.

Given that Nov 19th is recognized as the 'World day for prevention of child sexual abuse' and Nov 14th being children's day, Enfold Trust is in planning an awareness campaign on child abuse in the coming weeks. 

One of the activities of the awareness campaign is to visit every one of Bangalore's 197 police stations and handover information and material that all police stations are mandated to display as per supreme court guidelines. 

We need volunteers to thank the police for being there for us and hand over pamphlets with information about CSA.

We also plan to visit as many schools as possible and hand over awareness and action plan materials for teachers.

We need as many volunteers as possible for this campaign to spread awareness about child rights and child abuse among Bangalore's police force and teachers. If you share our concern for children and abused children in particular and would like to participate, please contact one of us on the tel numbers mentioned below: 

Kushi Kushalappa: +91 98454 04235
Radha Sameer: +91 98441 62280
Joy Chakrabarti: +91 94498 15238

Any of your friends, family or colleagues interested in helping us with this awareness campaign are more than welcome.

Visits to all the police stations and schools is planned for Nov 19th, 2012. Based on the number of volunteers who come forward, the activity could be completed in a few hours or spread across the whole day.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Warm regards,
The Enfold Team