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Diploma in Life Skills and Reproductive Health

P.G.Diploma in Life Skills & Rep Health
Diploma in Life Skills & Rep Health

Offered By Christ University &

Enfold Proactive Health Trust

Duration:   1 year - 2 semesters – Session beginning 1st week of July 2013
Time: 4.15 pm -7 pm, Monday to Thursday; Oct – holiday, Feb Mon – Fri
Venue: Christ Univ campus
Sessions: based on practical, experiential learning
25 credits per semester. 2 semesters.
750 hrs of work: 300 hrs of face time teaching; 450 hrs of practical work

Faculty:  Enfold: Primarily Dr. Sangeeta Saksena, Dr Shaibya Saldanha, both Gynecologists,  Co authors  ‘On Track’,  workbooks on Life Skills and Safety for school students.  Invited faculty from counselling centers, child development experts, child rights experts and lawyers dealing with sexual abuse.
Course content: Life Skills – learning and facilitating sessions
Aspects of Child and Teen Psychology and psychosocial  development 
 Sexual development, Physiology of male and female reproductive systems (including conception, pregnancy, delivery and contraception), Breast feeding and care of the newborn, Understanding common gynaecological and male reproductive system disorders , Nutritional requirements and preventive medicine for family members
Understanding and intervention in child sexual abuse/ sexual harassment
Eligibility: Graduation for PG Diploma
            1st, 2nd or 3rd year UG
of any stream for diploma
Course Fees
: Rs 10,000/-   20%  less for Christ students.

For Admission: get form from counter 7 in admissions office / download PDF from Christ Univ website, have walk in interview with Dr Tony, Psy Dept. Admissions open till 28th June 2013

Job Opportunities:
Schools/ colleges as
Life Skills educator /Sexuality educator/ counselor.
Hospitals / Nursing homes/ self employed: Pregnancy, labour, delivery and newborn care sessions, Lactation support, counsellor
NGO’s and Govt:  HIV / AIDS centers, reproductive health educator
Counsellor: Sexuality and reproductive health, sexual abuse counselor  

Feedback from past students:
  “Time well spent, I am a better person now.”  Nisha Molugu
“Practical approach, made me introspect and discover myself” - Swati Sambrani
   “Gave knowledge in all aspects of life. I feel good about myself.” Anuradha Bishta
  “Best thing that happened to me.”  - Prithvi Raj
   “Built inner strength. Helped me reflect and question my most important beliefs.” - Swati Sambrani
  “Diploma is not a burden… it helped me plan effectively.  Am more confident now. I don’t panic before exams” -  3rd year student Apoorva Kamat
 “Earlier, conflicts with friends and family were everyday routine.  Now we have started respecting each other for what we are.” – Prithvi Raj
  “I communicate more effectively with parents. This has reduced conflicts and brought more honesty in our relationship.” - Apoorva Kamat

A sample of projects and organizations started by past students:
 Abhishikt – For the welfare of inmates of Old Age homes –initiative  by Rubina Daniel  Dream Corner –Creative learning opportunities for children from underprivileged background - initiative by Sheetal Lydia
      Green initiative by Swati Sambrani – home made products for daily use, saplings for sale
      Prakriti – for education of transgender people – initiative by Prithvi Raj
     Heart 2 Heart – Providing monetary help to children with cancer – initiative by Bhagya Babu
     Kindle Hearts – Emotional support and life skills capacity enhancing for children – initiative by Tasneem Makda
     Best from waste – Garbage segregation in paying guest hostels – initiative by A. B. Bhavana
      Angels In Your Shadow – Provides emotional support to those in need – initiative by Riya Soni
      Pocket for a Joey! – Creative art and learning activities for children from underprivileged background  - initiative by Nisha Morugu
       WAMA – Waste management in apartment complex – initiative by Manisha Choudhry
       VOICE – Teaching soft skills to children hailing from underprivileged background – initiative by Anuradha Bistha      
    Oorja – Energizing youth and children through counseling in Life skills, sexuality and reproductive health – by Apoorva Kamat

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