Friday, August 27, 2010

Experience of Mentors in Peer Education Program

Well the pep program finally launched and it was a really good introduction abt enfold and a totally fun and interactive class.

We had 67 attendees and had about 85 registered initially so i think that is a gr8 beginning. we now are a group of 7 working on this program.

Mentors created this warm, open, safe and witty space for the kids n although they didn't ask questions they readily and volubly answered and seemed really clued in. They enjoyed the role plays, related to them and i didn't freeze on stage ( yes i had to climb a stage to do the role plays the hall was as big as football field!! )

They say a job well begun is half done , keeping that thought this program will be a real super duper success. We all left feeling energised and glad to be part of a movement that will only bring good things .

I'm really glad to be a part of enfold, thank you once again for inviting me.

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