Thursday, February 3, 2011

Enfold working with Karnataka State Govt to create Child Protection Units

Enfold's DrShaibya Saldanha, after undergoing training in Philippines under the agies of UNICEF and IPSCAN, is working with CWC and Govt of Karnataka to set up Child Protection Units in 5 hospitals in Bangalore. It involves linking and training counsellors, medical practitioners, social workers, police and judiciary for the benefit of the sexually abused child. It will ensure that the child is not repeatedly harassed to give multiple statements to different agencies. A single center will ensure that the child is gives evidence/ statement and is examined just once. Counsellors will ensure support to the child and the family.

Training of personnel has already begun at Ramianh hospital, Bangalore. Once functional and working well, CCPU s wil be set up in other cities/ states too.

Hurrah for child safety!

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